Pyn-up Decals 48-013: Liberated Chics pt 1:

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Scott Van Aken


First B-24 sheet from Pyn-up is for a pair of later war birds, both in OD over Neutral Grey. The B-24H has a Ford nose and turret, something that is not provided in the Monogram kit. Cutting Edge does make a conversion for this if you are so inclined.

First up is 'Madam Pele' of the the 98 BS/11 BG. This B-24J-120 has three white stripes on the fin and appears to have very worn de-icer boots.

The other is a B-24H-10 from the 785 BS/466 BG. "Jamaica" is a play on the phrase "did you make her", referring to some obscure off duty enterprise...... This one has a red fin with a white stripe to add some color to the aircraft and has no de-icer boots on the wings. It also has a replacement panel on the outboard starboard engine.

As with all Pyn-up decals, the detail in the specially done nose art decals is superb. Each decal must be separately cut out and care needs to be taken when using it. This sheet is limited to a run of 300 so if you want to do the subjects, you'll have to grab yours as soon as you can before they sell out.

As you can see, there are not any insignia with this particular sheet, however, you can find them on CED48272.

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