Cutting Edge 44003: NB-52A






Scott Van Aken


"Balls Three"

As I have mentioned in some earlier reviews, Cutting Edge is getting into space and NASA in a relatively big way with several rocket kits and NASA related items. To go along with their NB-52 conversion sets, they have issued a pair of decal sheets. Now some might think that these should have been included, due to the specific nature of the conversions, but they aren't and that is that.

This sheet is specifically for the NB-52A 'The High and Mighty One'. If you have seen the movie 'X-15' from 25-30 years ago, then this is the aircraft that one saw the most, with its early da-glo orange patches. Aircraft markings change throughout its life and that is especially true of relatively long lived aircraft like this one. The first scheme with LOTS of da-glo and the flashes on the engine nacelles is from late 1959 and is in a general bare metal finish. The other is from mid 1964, and is painted silver, which will be a much easier scheme to paint for many.

An excellent reference for this sheet is either of the two new books on the X-15; Hypersonic or X-15 Photo Scrapbook

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