AOA Decals 32-034: VMFA-212 Lancers F-4J

Units: VMFA-212


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Scott Van Aken

This new AOA Decals sheet concentrates on a single aircraft, which is a bit unusual for them. In this case it is a VMFA-212 F-4J during its 1972 deployment to DaNang. Typical of the day, these are camouflaged in matte light gull grey over gloss white with white control surfaces and radomes. As a point of interest, it was late 1972 when the navy switched to gloss light gull grey, but that only applied to new build planes and those that were undergoing rework. This one was undoubtedly in the matte finish. .

This was the era that most USN modelers really like as the planes had a considerable amount of color (at least compared to today). VMFA-212 painted their fins white for the application of their fairly large unit markings. The set includes their new stencil sheet which was reviewed earlier, but here is a link so you can see what that looks like.

Kit instructions are very well done and provide a number of notes to help you with your choice of schemes. For kits the Tamiya one is pretty much it in this scale for most, though Revell did one that is not as well done as the Tamiya offering and availability is questionable on the Revell kit.

If you are a large scale builder of F-4s, you should add this to your collection.

April 2019

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