AOA Decals 32-031: Phantom Airframe Data (stencil type)

Units: F-4B/J


$16.00 (free US shipping)


Scott Van Aken

This new AOA Decals set are stencil type data markings for the F-4B/J Phantom II. Due to the size of the aircraft in this scale, those who do decal sheets simply will not have the room to include a full data stencil set. This set applies to the aircraft built in the 1960s and early 1970s that used the painted stencil type markings and not the later decals.

The set also includes pylon markings, landing gear markings and markings for areas like the inside of the intakes and the speed brakes. These markings are for the Tamiya kit, but I can imagine it will work on the older Revell kit as well. Couple of other notes. One is that the national insignia really are not that large, I just didn't size the image down enough. Secondly, there are markings that are peculiar to the F-4B and F-4J and those are annotated in the very complete placement instructions.

Overall, a great sheet for those who need some well done data markings. The sheet itself it superbly printed by Microscale.

April 2019

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