AirDoc 48014: A-7E Corsair II - Pacific squadrons

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Scott Van Aken

This is the second sheet for low-viz A-7Es from Air Doc.  The sheet is designed for the excellent Hasegawa kit and provides markings for seven Pacific Fleet aircraft. These are all in the two color scheme of FS 36320 over FS 36375. There are three sheets in this particular set. They are superbly printed by Microscale so should provide no surprises.

The first option is from VA-22 'Fighting Redcocks' aboard the USS Enterprise in 1988. I should point out that the serial for this in incorrect as 159833 was actually an F-14.

The next is from VA-27 'Royal Maces' during its 1988 USS Carl Vinson cruise.

From VA-93 'Ravens' is an aircraft from the USS Midway in 1986. This plane went to the Thai Navy after its USN use.

The VA-97 'Warhawks' A-7E is from a NAS Fallon deployment in 1985.  This aircraft subsequently went to the Greek Air Force.

A nice VA-147 'Argonauts' aircraft from the USS Kitty Hawk in 1983 is provided. According to my serial references, this plane has a bogus serial as 157615 (or -616 as printed on the sheet) is part of a cancelled contract.

Aboard the USS Ranger in 1983 is an option for a VA-192 'Golden Dragons' Corsair II.

Finally, a nice scheme from VA-195 'Dam Busters' while at NAF Atsugi in 1983.

The set comes with three sets of complete markings in the three shades of grey used. This sheet is not shown but you can see it in the review for set 48013. Fuselage and stab walk area markings are also provided for the lighter and darker of the shades. The superb instruction sheet clearly shows what marking goes where so no worries on matching things up.

My thanks to AirDoc for the review sheet. You can find these at your local hobby shop and if not, ask them to order them for you. You can also order direct by e-mailing for more information. As yet, AirDoc does not have a web presence.

This same set of subjects is available in set 72014 for 1/72 builders and 32008 for 1/32 builders.

May 2006

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