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Liveries Unlimited AGA4-151 1/144 B.757-200




Ethiopian Airlines 

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For either passenger or cargo version

If you have read my previous review on Liveries Unlimited decals, you know that I am very impressed with the quality of them. This sheet is no different. In addition to being the same airline as the previous sheet, this one is in 1/144 and for a B.757. 

I have always liked the look of the 757. It has a purposeful look that is missing from the other Boeing airliners. I guess it is the slim fuselage and short nose of the aircraft that does that. 

So, let's take a look at this sheet and see what is on it. You get all the decals you need to make any one of five aircraft; four airliners and one cargo bird. All of them are in the same scheme of white upper with natural metal and '707 grey' lower fuselage and wings. 

It appears from the drawings, that to do the cargo bird, you will have to shorten the fuselage. However if you look, the cargo bird is drawn to a smaller scale than the other two illustrations.  The only mod will be to make sure doors and windows are filled in. It is mentioned in the instructions that the Minicraft model (the only one in 1/144 of this aircraft) has the doors in the wrong position.

A difference from most airliner decals is that this one has the doors and windows already printed on the cheatline. This is because of the complexity of the decal scheme for this aircraft. The silver outlines for the doors and windows are still separate, but they are numbered as to where they go so there should be no problems fitting them. For the cargo aircraft, you get a completely separate set of cheatlines without the windows on them.

 Like the other sheets, there are a full set of registration numbers for all aircraft as well as emergency wing exits and windshield wipers. The Ethiopian lion and fuselage lettering has the black outlines as separate items to ensure perfect registration. As with the other sheets, the part number of the corrogard decal sheet that Liveries Unlimited does is given, though this part can easily be painted on if so desired.

Another superb sheet from LU and one that will go perfectly with the relatively new Minicraft kit.

Review copy courtesy Liveries Unlimited 

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