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Liveries Unlimited AGA2-101: 1/200 B.767




Ethiopian Airlines 

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Scott Van Aken


For either -200 or -300

Airliner decals have always been an interest of mine. In fact, I have a LOT more decal sheets for various airlines than I do kits to put them on! This comes mostly from a huge interest I had in airliners about 10-15 years ago. In fact, at one time, I had over 10,000 airline post cards; however an offer I could not refuse led me to sell off the collection. 

For airliners, you have basically two scales: 1/200 and 1/144, with the larger scale being by far the most popular. There are also a smattering of kits in other scales such as 1/100, 1/400 and 1/72. By far the largest airliner kit is the recent KMC B.727 in 1/72. It is one huge model. It is also pretty pricey at around $70. The smaller scale kits generally run between $10-15. 

One of the fun things about airliner kits is that there are a plethora of available aftermarket decal sheets for them. Some are not much better than what comes in the kit and some are truly superb. In this second category are the decals of the Liveries Unlimited brand by Airways Graphics International.

This sheet is for Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767-200 or -300 in 1/200 scale. The sheet is just what one would expect from a modern decal sheet. The registration is spot-on, the colors brilliant and there are sufficient markings to do any one of five aircraft; three 767-260(ER)s or two 767-33A(ER)s. 

You get a complete set of cheatlines, doors, registration numbers, windows, emergency exit walkways, and even a set of windshield wipers(!) on the sheet. The back outline to the Ethiopian lion is separate to ensure proper registration. 

In addition to the super color illustration on the front of the instruction sheet, you get detailed information on the aircraft in question on the back of the sheet. This includes any differences in markings between any of the aircraft that can be modeled. For example 767-33(ER) ET-AKW has no black radome tip and is overall white unlike the other four aircraft.

Liveries unlimited also lets you know which sheet of theirs is appropriate for the corroguard spar areas on the wings and stabilizers. It would be nice to have these items included in the sheet, but these areas can also be painted on if one is so inclined.

There are also notes on available kits for the sheet. The only kits of the 767 in this scale are part of the Hasegawa collection. It is noted that the earlier 767-200 kit was modified to make the -300 version that is now currently in production. So that not all is lost, the sheet goes on to state that the current E-767 AWACS kit has a -200 length fuselage with the extra bonus of not having any fuselage windows to fill in! It also mentions that all the Ethiopian 767s use JT9D/PW4000 engines that will have to come from the -300 kit.

All in all, a superb decal sheet that should be sufficient to help one build a superb replica. I know it has me digging through my kit collection for something suitable!

Review copy courtesy Liveries Unlimited 

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