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 Aeromaster 72-176, 23 FG P-51s part 1




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Scott Van Aken


This is the first of two sheet devoted to Mustangs of the 23rd FG. Here's a link to the second sheet previously reviewed. The aircraft will look quite similar as the same four units are covered. The CBI theatre was one of the last places to get modern equipment and rarely was it supplied in the quantity that was needed. This was mainly because of the extreme difficulty in getting materiel to south and central China. Everything had to be flown over the Himalayan Mountains and often missions were determined by how much fuel was available as much as by what units were able to participate.

This particular sheet covers the four squadrons attached to the 23rd FG, all from mid-1944 onward to 1945. As on some other sheets, the common insignia have not been scanned.

First is the 118 TRS plane, 'Barfly'. This is a P-51K so you'll have to shop around to find the proper canopy and prop for this plane.

Next is Tex Hill's 'Bullfrog I'. This P-51B did not carry any of his kill markings.

From the 75th FS,comes 'Lope's Hope', a P-51c in natural metal with a black tail. You'll notice that this and all the other P-51s carry a DF loop antenna, an item that was added to nearly every Mustang in the theater.

Finally the 23FG CO's plane. Ed Rector was one of the few Flying Tigers who stayed with the USAAF and later came back to command the 23rd. This particular P-51D has the 'football' style of DF loop antenna.

Review copy courtesy of my ever-expanding decal collection.

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