Aeromaster 72-177, 23 FG  Mustangs pt II




74, 75 FS; 118 TRS; 23 FG Boss


Scott Van Aken



Continuing my purchase of old Aeromaster sheets, this one is for Mustangs of the 23rd FG. This is a most timely sheet as I'm currently reading an excellent history of the 23rd by Carl Molesworth. The 23rd was one of the last units to get the Mustang, mainly because they were in China and the P-40s they were flying were able to handle the Japanese they met. In fact, some units kept the P-40s until nearly the end of 1944.

What I didn't see in this sheet that I would have liked was a P-51 or P-51A version. The 23rd flew a small number of these Allison powered 'stangs and found them to be most useful aircraft, especially as they were so much faster than the P-40.

Nevertheless, Aeromaster produced a very nice sheet for four aircraft. As is now going to be standard, I have not scanned the insignia and data markings that are on the sheet.

The OD P-51B is John Herbst's 'Tommy's Dad'. This 74 FS P-51B has a number of kill markings and, like all 23rd FG Mustangs, an ADF loop antenna on the spine.

Next is Charles Older's 'Yokohama Yardbird', the only P-51d on the sheet. This is the group commanders plane with the three squadron colors in bands around the fuselage. This is also a very late war Mustang as the 23rd usually removed the serial numbers from its planes.

Next is the black tailed P-51B of the 75th FS, 'Little Jeep' of Forrest Parham. It is in overall natural metal. You'll have to paint the tail  though the stripe is given on the sheet.

Finally the 118TRS F6C in probably the nicest scheme of the group. Major Ed McComas' plane has a nice yellow/blue/yellow spinner with stars on the blue band. The sheet gives the blue band so no sweating painting the bands!

There are a number of very good P-51 B and D kits available to the modeler in this scale, so have at it!

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet.

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