Aeromaster 48-715: The Wolf Pack part VI

Units: 56 FG




Scott Van Aken

For the next batch of T-bolts, we have another nice batch that includes two razorbacks and an M version. Again, the Tamiya or Hasegawa are recommended, but there are many other 1/48 P-47s that you can use if you really want to. Nice thing about decals is they don't care to what they are applied. I should mention that often times they are fitted to specific kits and so any bands or other convoluted decals may not fit other kits. As with the others in the series, there are enough insignia for two planes and enough data markings for one. Though I don't mention it every time as it would get terribly redundant, Aeromaster's instruction sheets are not only very colorful, but have excellent data and stencil placement guides.

First up is a nice OD over neutral greyP-47D-15 with the 'standard' symmetrical prop. This one is from the 63 FS and so has a nice red cowling front. The white ID bands have been overpainted with fresher OD so you may want to take that into consideration when painting.

Next is the sheet's M and it is also from the 63 FS. 'Miss Jane' is in this units two blues on the upper side with a red cowling front, light blue rudder and bare metal on the leading edges of the wings and tailplanes. Underside is bare metal too. Regarding the upper surface colors, read the previous review.

The third aircraft is 'Hawkeye' from the 62nd FS. This OD over neutral grey P-47D-15 has a yellow cowl front and also has had the white ID stripes over-painted with new OD.

January 2005

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