Aeromaster 48-714: The Wolf Pack pt V

Units: 56 FG




Scott Van Aken

Well, if you can't have new 109 sheets, then I guess that new P-47 sheets will do just as well! This one covers three T-bolts from the famed 56 FG. The Hasegawa or Tamiya kits are recommended and I'm sure that the Hawk, Monogram, Otaki  and other 1/48 P-47s will be able to use these markings as well. I should mention at this time that there are insignia for two and data markings for one aircraft.

First up is a very faded OD/Neutral Grey P-47D-10, 'Onny's Angel' from the 62 FS. Thisone has the white nose and tail band markings. Prop is the Curtiss Electric 13' asymmetrical version.

Next is the sheet's lone P-47M, 'Lookin for Trouble' from the 63 FS. This unit painted their Ms in shades of blue on the upper side with bare metal canopy frame, underside and wing leading edges. Much conjecture has gone into what these shades are with many thinking that the unit just mixed insignia blue with white to get the variations in shade. Your choice on this. The rudder and serial are in a light blue while the cowling front is red.

The third subject is a patchwork P-47D-25 with invasion stripes on the undersurfaces. The upper surfaces are US Medium Green 42 or British Dark Green. The area where the stripes were removed looks to be in Olive Drab. Undersides and canopy are n bare metal as is a section where the nose art is placed.

January 2005

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