Redux 1/48 F-84F 'OTAN'

PRICE: $25.00 on sale
DECALS: Nine options
REVIEWER: Spiros Pendedekas
NOTES: Boxing includes two kits, masks, and a book.


Οriginally intended to be a simple swept wing upgrade of F-84 Thunderjet, in order to catch up with the F-86 Sabre, the F-84F Thunderstreak, utilizing, among others, a new engine, was, in essence, a new aircraft. Its relatively long development meant that by the time it entered service in November 1954, it could not offer a performance edge over the Sabre (which had also undergone many upgrades) and was assigned to the fighter-bomber role.

By the time it became no longer a front-line fighter (around 1958), it was offered to NATO and other allies, at countries including Belgium, Denmark, France, West Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, China, Turkey and even Israel for a short period.


This is a “Special Package” by French company Redux that was initially issued in 2007 in a sealed clear plastic box, but also offered in a “normal” top opening box at some time, which is the subject of this preview. The package was recently (2024) bought from a still going strong Athens hobby shop at a killer price of only $25!

Inside the big box you will find two Revell/Monogram kits (sprues only - no decals), two sets of Hi Decal sheets, two sets of masks and a very nice book dedicated to the F-84F. Regarding the kits themselves, they are the classic, well known and still nice Monogram molds and for an in depth look you should look no further than our Editor’s 
preview, found at the ever growing MM archives.

The instruction sheet provided is that of the “Thunderbirds” Revell reboxing, nice and clear, but, since we live in the net days, it will not be that difficult to download any instruction sheet of any Revell/Monogram reboxing you like.

The two pairs of Hi Decal sheets are superbly printed, and, though dated at least 15 years ago, seem to be in excellent condition. They provide no less than nine very nice decal options (two German, two ANG, one Greek, one Armée de l'Air, two Israeli and one Belgian). The accompanying decal placement instruction sheet could have been more informative and to contain all views for all schemes, meaning that some research on the specific scheme you are after will be necessary. No stenciling is provided (a distinctive feature of the Thunderstreak), so you should somehow cater for this (most probably look for stock Revell/Monogram or aftermarket decal sheets - by a brief research, I discovered that Carpena decals offer a sheet that includes stenciling).

Two sets of vinyl masks are provided, catering for transparencies, wheels and also for the Suez stripes of the corresponding schemes. Last but not least a very nice book by Samuel Prétat is included, which contains in both English and French many facts of the type (origins, development, design and service in various countries), along with many nice detail photos and color profiles.  


It is really hard to believe that with around $25 you get two Monogram 1/48 F-84Fs, two pairs of fantastic decal sheets, two pairs of masks and a nice book of the type, with the only complaints being the lack of stenciling and the sketchy decal placement instructions that need some research. However, these are not really quibbles, not at this price. If you come across one such package (which will probably be on a “clearance” status), do not hesitate to grab it: it will be the best $25 you will ever spend.

Happy Modeling!

Spiros Pendedekas

April 2024

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