Monogram 1/48 F-84F Thunderstreak




$6.50 back in 1985


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Scott Van Aken


Long out of production


In the late 1940s, North American brought out their improved,swept wing version of the Navy's FJ-1 for the Air Force. This aircraft becamethe F-86 and was a huge success. Republic had already delivered the initial runof it's fighter, the F-84, however, it was obvious that the straight winged F-84was no match of the speedier swept winged F-86. 

A development program was started to apply swept wing technologyto the F-84. What resulted from that was basically a new aircraft. However,there was no funding available for new aircraft, though there was money forimprovements for types currently in service. Thus was born the F-84F, anaircraft with very little in common with the F-84E!

It was initially put into service with SAC as a bomber escort,but eventually became one of the most prevalent types of ground attack aircraftin service. It was an excellent aircraft and was chosen by a number of NATO andother overseas air forces as a standard type. In the US, when it was replaced inthe USAF by newer types, it was given to the Air National Guard and served untilthe early 1970s, when corrosion forced the wholesale scrapping of the type.There are none still flying, but there are many in museums and as displayaircraft all over the US and Europe. 


This is a kit typical of the efforts of Monogram in the mid1980s. This boxing is dated 1984 and I do not believe it has been reissued sincethen. There were two versions, both of them are basically the same kit, thoughone was in silver plastic and had what was supposed to be a nuclear bomb. Thedetailing of the kit is all that one expects from Monogram and that is superb.The panel lines are raised as was the fashion of the time. 

Options on the kit are a pilot figure, an open or closed canopy,open or closed speedbrake and a choice of loads under the wing. The inner pylonis for fuel tanks while the outer one can hold either M117 bombs or additionalfuel tanks. There is also a bomb cart to display whatever underwing option isnot chosen. There is also a tail brace as finding a place to put weight in thenose of this kit will be a real challenge!

There are two decaloptions included. One is a SEA painted aircraft with the Texas ANG as shown onthe boxtop. The other is an aluminum one with the 110th TFS of the Missouri ANGduring its call-up to active duty and overseas deployment during the CubanMissile Crisis of 1961. The Monogram decals are very colorful, very glossy andprobably useless. I have had almost no real luck with Monogram decals of thisvintage and it is a shame as the Missouri ANG boss bird is quite colorful.

Overall, a very nice kit and if you can get over the olive drabplastic, should build into a nice kit. The only other option for an F-84F inthis scale is the Heller offering of about the same vintage. I have built theHeller RF-84 and while a nice kit, does not have the detail of the MonogramThunderstreak.

While the kit has been long out of production, it can usually befound at swap meets and other places one picks up older kits.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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