Rflight 1/32 EC-145 ref 32007 or 32008


 48 euros (32007), 30 euros(32008)




Photo etched metal, resin, clear vac form (32007)

Photo etched metal,                                         (32008)


 Here is an interesting detail set for a modern European helicopter.

I send you back here to discover this beautiful chopper, which now is in the U.S. Army inventory under the UH-145 label.

The French manufacturer Renaissance which is a specialized in resin cars kits just add a chopper reference in its range of products.

As written in the banner, the Revell 1/32 EC-145 is the target of this amazing set.

This one is on sale under 2 references, one with resin, clear vac formed canopies and photoetched parts (here reviewed), and one excluding the resin and clear parts.

I have the chance to live not far from a securité civile helicopter base in the north of France, and at this date I spent some week ends in and on the true machine, taking measures and more than hundreds pictures from bolts to entire profile. At the occasion of maintenance sessions, the “all open” machine gave me access to hidden and hard to see areas, allowing me to have a good eye and opinion on this product.

The complete set propose you around 745 photo etched parts, the front windscreen and the front door clear parts and 15 resin parts for the hoist, blades elements, the 2 front crew doors (with interior structure), the rear rotor, a generic tool box and the front windscreen frame.

309 items are devoted to the interior of the chopper and 436 for the exterior. The flying zone will be enhanced with new pedals linkages, protection for the control grip, buttons on the control grip, the entire harness for the pilots, seats stiffeners, anchor tracks, flying and control instruments, compass support, helmets support, all doors grips, their locking and emergency  control system.(14 parts will be added if you choose to open the doors).

For the « cargo zone » you’ll find guides for seats, equipments for ground and roof areas.  Rings and hooks to fix items.

For transport utility, the passengers seats are detail with seatbelts, and ground fixations. All the lateral and rear doors hinges must be put in place in open or close option. Even the net on the interior rear door is on the fret!

Concerning the exterior of the chopper, the new cables cutter, more accurate and fine will be set, once again rings for anchor, probes, grids, and access doors will be detail or create. The hoist will become a kit in the kit with resin and photoetched parts. This crazy manufacturer doesn’t leave a part away!

While the main rotor blades and the rear rotor are also inspected and enhanced with fine parts, the front bubble will receive a new wiper.

And if it wasn’t enough you’ll put the quick Dzus fasteners! (at least 64 on the fret!).

The kit front clear windscreen match not very well, so 2 new clear vac formed parts are provided.

Finally, even if I do not show you all the parts, you’ll agree with me to conclude that we have in our hands a luxurious first rate detail set. That’s the reason why I recommend it to you without restrictions. The enormous notice must be downloaded at:  


33 ter r Emile Zola

F-59496 SALOME
Tél :03 20 49 97 89



May 2008

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