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Jean Paul Poisseroux


309 plastic parts , with 36 clears, and 40 not used.


 Characteristics: Full scale : lenght 10.19 m(fuselage), rotor 11m.  Dimension in 1/32 scale: lenght 31.84 cm,  rotor diameter 34.37 cm. Lenght of the kit  33.1cm (with radar nose), rotor diameter 34.3cm. 


 The EuroCopter  145 is a medium-heavy, twin-engine helicopter that was developed in collaboration by Eurocopter and the Japanese firm Kawasaki Heavy Industries.  It took inspiration from the BO 107 and some improvement and experiences from the Eurocopter range hélios. Called BK117, the BK 117C-2 that became the EC 145 after the production line was taken over. The first machine made its maiden flight on 12th June 1999 at Donauwörth. The first machine for the Sécurité Civile was handed over in May 2001 at Nimes in France. Compared with the BK 117, the EC 145 has a new fuselage with a roomier cabin. Advantages of the new rotor blades on the EC 145 are a considerable reduction in vibrations and a 25% increase in range. The EC 145 is approved for blind flight and can be operated by one or two pilots and at night. Its particular advantage as a rescue helicopter lies in the greatly extended range by comparison with other helicopters in the same category. The EC 145 is therefore the first choice for flying patients over long distances to special clinics. The ADAC currently operates helicopters of this type in Germany.

To end I mention that 40 machines were ordered by France; 32 in red and yellow color for the Civil Security and 8 in blue and white for the FAG (Aerial Forces of the French police (“Gendarmerie” ).


(Unfortunately, J-P did not provide a shot of the sprues, but they would be similar to those in the 1/72 EC-135 kit previewed earlier. Ed) 

Initially foreseen in yellow decoration ADAC from the automobile club of Germany and in red version for Switzerland, this a good one surprised to see this big model offered with cocardes, in the French colors! And which surprised! The number of pieces must  not frighten you, only 269 will be necessary. The notice clearly indicates the options to take and the pieces to separate. (what is worth especially for the installation of the freighter zone). The surface skin is good, with the raised rivets (as it is in full scale) and well injected parts (no ejector marks on visible areas). Note that the main exterior items are tinted  in yellow (this that will facilitate the primer for these 2 colors (red/yellow rather transparent), and in gray for the others.

The well detailed interior is visible by the lateral rear doors and the ones of the back. (The crew doors are closed, but a cared cutting will allow opening them too). One begins with the forward cabin (don’t omit to pierce the holes on the floor for the rear elements), with the seats (with molded harness), the control sticks, pitch levels (add some buttons on the top), pedals, central console, roof console (a fine decal, that could be improve by adding stretched sprue levels). For the board instruments, REVELL furnishes blue decals simulating the screens (at rest, all is black, it's better to paint them!). The interiors of the doors are well detailed, and a little level to jettison the pilots entrance could be add on the vertical frame. For the cargo, the choice is there, many seats, control console, road and medical items to push for the German version, while for the French securité civile, it’s not so busy, with a  stretcher on right, and a row of 3 seat in face, on left.

I look inside the real machine and at least 2 items must be added; the hoist control grip, and the cable cutter next to it , “just in case”. According to the different missions, some other boxes, canvas, oxygen bottles can be carried before take off (to create by yourself). About the main  rotor, it is simple as on the true machine, with all visible parts. The air intakes are narrow and one does not see a lot inside (add a circular mesh grid in front of them as a filter on the  Turbomeca Ariel engines). These big steps finished, you’ll turn to the beam, rear rotor and upper fuselage engine covers (it would be better to keep a maximum of clears parts away for instance). The exterior details integrate well the specificities of the SAR devices. Here are the radar nose, long skates with the floats items, exterior hoist, headlight, speakers, cable cutters.  Some French machines still have the short skates, and carry the hoist to the left or to the right hand according to the employment (sea, mountain, land). A research headlight is joined as well as other contained elements in the EC 135 Polizei kit, with an interesting FLIR turret and mirrors. (those here are not use but keep them carefully !)

 The last stage before painting is the fitting of cable cutting blades, windshield wiper, various antennas. Attention, many stencils intended for the interior are mentioned in end of the notice, it is necessary to put them before closing the shells, in the contrary, it will be difficult to apply them. About the decoration, there is one for a German version (yellow ADAC) and three French machines that are coded F-ZBPC/Q/O. All machines do not belong strictly to a squad called « Dragon »(+ the department figure) and turns according to availabilities. The sheet is well printed, exception done for French roundels (yellow moved from the center). Do not panic, the sheet gives two yellow rectangles intend for the tip of the rear tail blades, take them to do a new yellow disc and put it under the blue/white/red (well aligned this time). This way painting blades extremities will be best look too.  



Here is an excellent model signed Revell for Christmas, high in color and amazingly close to the real machine. The very low price will certainly push some modeller to buy a couple of boxes, and with some research, a French blue/white Gendarmerie helicopter could be display, all is in the box, except the lettering and white bands (you could pick them up from the Alouette II KLU from Revell). Highly recommended.  JPP

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