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Cutting Edge 1/48 F-86D Dog Sabre




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Tom Cleaver




For those modelers looking for interesting markings for either the ProModeler or Revell-Germany kits of the F-86D Sabre, these four sheets from Cutting Edge provide some interesting possibilities.  The colors are correct on these markings, unlike those in the ProModeler decal sheet.  The decals are the usual high-quality printing one has come to expect of Cutting Edge.  I for one will be using the "Dennis the Menace" markings quite soon on a kit I have in-progress.


F-86 Sabre Dog Part 1: 97th FIS Nose Art


MSRP: US$8.99


     This sheet provides the correct-color squadron insignia and nose art for five aircraft of the 97th FIS, including "Dennis The Menace," the airplane in the Air Force Museum that is the subject of the ProModeler kit.






F-86 Sabre Dog Part 2: 468th FIS Commander, 1954

CED 48154

MSRP: US$8.99


     This very colorful sheet is for the later-production F-86D that is the subject of the Revell-Germany release of the kit and provides all the markings for the single aircraft.






F-86 Sabre Dog Part 3: 97th FIS; 498th FIS, 84TH FG "Geiger Tigers," and Yugoslav Air Force.


MSRP: US$11.99


     This sheet is for the Revell-Germany kit and provides the squadron commander's aircraft of the 97th FIS, "Texas Terror" from the 498th FIS, and a Yugoslav AF aircraft with a black "devil face."  The sheet also includes a "Black Magic" mas for the nose swoosh of the Yugoslav aircraft.





F-86 Sabre Dog Part 4: 4th FIS Squadron CO; F-86L, Illinois ANG

CED 48156

MSRP: US$8.99


     This sheet is also for the Revell-Germany F-86D kit.  The F-86L of the Illinois National Guard is meant to be built with the upcoming resin wing for this version from Meteor Productions. (Alternatively, those adventurous modelers who can't wait could do a mix-and-match with the Hasegawa F-86D-40 kit, as I did in my review here at M2)

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