Vampire et Mistral Français Volume 2


Sébastien Guillemin, Claude Petit, Patrick Vinot Préfontaine


Edition Lela Presse 


59.00 Euros + p/p from  Lela presse

REVIEWER: Jean-Paul Poisseroux

400 pages, 620 B/W pictures,174 color pictures,31 profils softcover, 8.2 x 11.6 inches french language
ISBN: 978-2-37468-032-3. Aircraft profile collection #36

The French publisher Lela Presse has just printed volume 2 of the book dedicated to the D.H Vampire and Mistral aircraft used by the Air Force after the Second World War.You will find the presentation of the volume 1 at this location:

Now, you’ll discover 14 differ folders (chapters) :

Folder 1 titled 6th fighter squadron,62 pages with 162 b/w and 14 color pictures.

4 profils.The 2 squads 1/6 Oranie and 2/6 Normandie -Niemen are displayed.

Folder 2 titled 1 to 7 th fighter squadron, 70 pages with 161 b/w and 17 color pictures.

8 profils. The 2 squads 1/7 Provence and 2/7 Nice are displayed.

Folder 3 titled 8th fighter squadron, 36 pages 64 b/w and 7 color pictures printed.

3 profils. The 2 squads 1/8 Magreb and 2/8 Langedoc are displayed.

Folder 4 titled Creil air base 110, 10th fighter squadron and training with calibration 2/17 Valois, 28 pages 20 b/w and 15 color pictures printed,4 profils.

The 3 squads 1/10 Parisis, 2/10 Seine and 3/10 Aunis are displayed.

Folder 5 titled 20 th fighter squadron ,14 pages 22 b/w and 3 color pictures printed, no profils. The squad 1/20 Aurès-Némentcha is displayed

Folder 6 titled School , 38 pages 83 b/w and 9 color pictures printed,6 profils.

Two schools were used, one for the air force (situated at Salon de Povence) and one for the naval air force (situated at Rochefort-Soubise).the courses activities and flyings are displayed.

Folder 7 titled Flying test center, 40 pages 47 b/w and 16 color pictures printed,2 profils.

This unit is rather unknown.The aluminium aircrafts carried some red aera.The listing cover the aircrafts used and the subjects.Very interesting.

Folder 8 titled Differents units, 14 pages 27 b/w and 7 color pictures printed,no profils.

The industrial workshops, the warehouses are displayed.

Folder 9 titled Naval air force, 20 pages 28 b/w and 10 color pictures printed, 4 profils.

This important component is well displayed, the aluminium, green and sea blue camouflages are very interesting to be seen.

the last 5 appendices,D,E,F,G,H are covered with 69 pages, 6 b/w and 76 color pictures.

The appendice D display the chronology of the entrance of the jets in the squadrons, the information is very useful.

The appenice E is a production listing of the 247 Mistral jets , 31 pages contains the historical of each aircrafts.

The appenice F titled Vampire today help us to locate the jets in museums or flyings.

The appenice G titled paintings and markings is well done, historians and modellers will find useful infos.The particulars decorated front trap doors could help us to model them.

The appenice H titled Vampire and Mistral in kits is a special article for the modellers. You’ll find a listing of the kits produced and the aftermarkets. Today, i think that some 1/48 and 1/32 scale D.H Vampire kits could appear some months ago.With some reworks and homemade decals , you’ll get a french jet.

Summary, this second volume is as the first, clear, precise , very documented.

This is another excellent addition to a line series and I strongest recommend to both the historian and modeler alike.

Jean-Paul Poisseroux

February 2021

Copyright All rights reserved.


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