Czech Models 1/48 T-34C-1 Mentor




$29.95 (26.97 at Squadron)


Two Aircraft


Scott Van Aken


Multimedia kit with resin parts and vac canopies


The T-34C Turbo Mentor is an unpressurized two-seat, tandem cockpit low-wing turboprop trainer and light attack aircraft.

Features: The T-34C is used to provide primary flight training for student pilots attached to the Chief of Naval Air Training. As a secondary mission, approximately 10 percent of the aircraft provide pilot proficiency and other aircraft support services to AIRLANT, AIRPAC, and NAVAIR "satellite sites" operated throughout the continental United States. The T-34C was procured as a commercial-derivative aircraft certified under an FAA Type Certificate. The T-34C was derived from the civilian Beechcraft Bonanza. Throughout its life, the aircraft has been operated and commercially supported by the Navy using FAA processes, procedures and certifications.

The type has also been sold to several other countries who use it not only for pilot training but to provide light attack capabilities when the need calls for it. Its ability to be easily maintained and operated from rough landing fields makes it ideal for areas that are not provided with a permanent or paved runway and proper hangar facilities. Several countries have used the armed T-34C including the two in this kit, Morocco and Argentina.




If you have read my previous preview and build reviews of the regular T-34C kit, then there is little that I can add to it. The kit itself is well formed with nicely done engraving and a very good representation of the semi-corrugated tail surfaces. Resin in widely used for the more 'delicate' parts and those needing a high level of detail. The basic kit has resin for the nose gear well, wheels, exhaust, seats and the basic cockpit tub. Included with this boxing are four rocket launchers and wing pylons as well as a gunsight.

The kit includes a pair of very clear vacuformed canopies. The material for these canopies is thicker than normal, which really helps when it comes time to cut them and work with them. The model is a major tail sitter so the nose needs to be filled with as much weight as you think it can stand.

Instructions are quite good and offer a number of helpful hints and guidance in building the kit. While it appears deceptively easy to build, I caution the builder to take his time and to test fit each part prior to committing to glue. It would also be an excellent idea to have photos of the planes in question before finishing up the little bits and pieces. I found when doing the USN T-34C that there were differences which were not noted in the kit instructions.

Markings are provided for two aircraft, one from the Moroccan Air Force in a very nice desert scheme of FS 30219 brown, 30400 tan over 35550 blue. The Argentine aircraft is in their somewhat standard colors of FS34201 green and 30266 tan over 36622 light grey. Both schemes will look quite nice on the aircraft in question. Both are repeated on the back of the box in color and there is a nice color (though somewhat fanciful) color box art drawing of the Argentine version. Decals are quite thin and should provide excellent service if treated gently during application.  



To my knowledge, this is the first time that Czech Models has done a reboxing of any of their models. A good choice in my opinion and I am still hoping for an aftermarket sheet to cover those schemes not already done. Careful construction will yield a super model.

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