Mirage 1/400 Tarantula II corvette




$9.98 ($8.97 from Squadron)


four options


Scott Van Aken


Full Hull


Tarantula II is the NATO code name for the Russian type 1241.1RE corvette. This variant was developed from the 1241.1 'Tarantula I'. When substantial interest in the new craft was found from many other nations, it was decided to develop an export version with downgraded systems. The standard of these vessels depended on the level of technology of the countries involved and was named the type 1241.1RE.

Libya ordered four vessels as did Iraq while Bulgaria and Cuba ordered one each. Libyan Naval Tarantula IIs were rearmed with the lighter 57mm guns and older generation electronics. An embargo placed on some Middle Eastern countries led to re-arming them  and changing the missile system to the P 27 'Termit' missiles for local use. This ship has a longer mast with radome atop the superstructure. Several of these are used by the 36 Missile Craft Brigade at Baltiisk.


Just about all I can say about this kit you can get from the previous review of the type 1241.8. You can see by comparing the two sprue images that the only common part is the hull sprue. Others have been changed to match the requirements for the earlier Tarantula II version. You can see some of the sink areas that I mentioned and also note how close to the sprue attachment point most parts are. Using a thin razor saw is pretty much required to safely remove parts.

Instructions are basically the same, though in this case, since there are other decal options, there are more choices between the outfitting of parts. Color info is non-existent until the final decal and painting guide. Again, only Humbrol numbers are given, a real problem for those of us who cannot access Humbrol paints. I do hope that Mirage takes into consideration those of us outside Europe and starts putting in standard paint colors.

Markings are provided for four different ships. We get a choice of Iranian, Russian (2), and Bulgarian ships. The main difference is the flags and hull numbers as they all seem to be painted in similar colors. Decals are by Techmod so no worries on them not working properly.


Mirage provides kits that are really an excellent value for the money. They generally fit well without too much hassle and offer many hours of enjoyment.

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