Mirage 1/400 Projekt 1241.8 corvette




$9.98 ($8.97 from Squadron)


one option


Scott Van Aken


Full Hull


The Russian type 1241 'Molnya' missile corvettes were designed to have good sea-going characteristics for such a heavily armed vessel. As such, they attracted the attention of several foreign navies who had need of such ships to protect coastal waters. Code named 'Tarantuala', several variations were developed.

Projekt 1241.8 was fitted with the then-new 'Ulan' missile system along with new radar and electronic suites. To improve air defense, twin 30mm AK630M1-2 'Roy' gatling gun systems were fitted. Problems with the 'Ulan' missiles and lack of interest from prospective buyers led to the abandonment of this interesting project.


As you know, Mirage is one of the better model companies to come out of Eastern Europe in the last decade or so. They've been working hard to provide interesting kits and this one is no exception. From the look of the back of the box, this is one of several variants that use more or less the same molding. They replace certain sprues to meet the requirements of the type. This means that there will be several pieces not used on the kit.

This kit is quite well molded. The biggest problem I saw was that many of the thick parts had problems with sink areas. This was found on the afterdeck, gun turrets, stand, and a few other bits and pieces. No option but the filler and sanding to get rid of most of this. There were also ejector pin marks on some of the larger bits. These will either be easily removed or hidden after construction. No flash was found and I was very thankful to not find any problems with mold shift, as that can cause real havoc with smaller pieces. Masts and such are overscale as one would expect from an injected plastic kit, but nothing beyond the norm.  Sprue attachment points are quite close to the part so I'd suggest a razor saw to remove the smaller, more fragile bits. The main deck is slightly warped so clamping during gluing would be a wise thing to do.

Instructions are very well done in ten construction steps. There is plenty of advice and warning given to ensure that you are able to properly assemble all the bits. No color chart of any kind is given, and it isn't until the decal/paint section that what appears to be Humbrol numbers are provided. It would be nice to have a generic name for those of us who do not have access to Humbrol paints. Colors are H 89 above the waterline and H 100 below. Decals are provided for the waterline itself as well as flags and a few other bits. Decals are for this one boat and are done by Techmod, so are of a high quality.



Another really fine model from Mirage. It has good detail, super instructions (other than the paint thing) and is a very good value for the money.

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