KIT: MAC 1/72 German 3t vehicle - Fuel Servicing Truck
KIT #: 72066
PRICE: $20.98 (18.96 at Squadron)
DECALS: options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes small etched fret


Even though the box top is rather generic in the name of this kit, the history section calls it a 3-t Opel Blitz, typ 3.6 - 6700A with provisional cabin. Ok, that means it has a wooden cab and in this case has a fuel tank on the back where the flatbed would normally go. Must be some sort of reason that the words Opel Blitz can't be shown on the cover. Much of the background history of this vehicle can be found in an earlier preview.

What is new about this is that often the chassis of these trucks were equipped with the running gear of the Cardan Lloyd chassis so that it could more easily handle the rough terrain found in Russia. Several were fitted with tracks and partial running gear from a PzKfw I on the rear becoming a Maultier, even though it reduced the carrying capacity down to two tons. According to the instructions, over 100,000 Opel Blitz trucks were produced during the war years and many survive even today, thanks to their rugged construction and the sheer numbers in which they were built.


This kit is identical in every way to the earlier flat bed version. The only difference is the inclusion of the tanker section for the back of the truck. This means that there are going to be large sections of the other sprues that are not used and can be consigned to the spare parts bin. Detail is just as high as on the other kit and, unlike the flat bed version, this one has a canvas top so the top and doors are different. The photo etched sprue also contains an additional part in terms of a ladder that goes onto the side and top of the tank. An acetate sheet provides for the windshield clear bits.

The instructions are excellent and provide16 well drawn construction steps. Color information is provided where it is needed during construction as are any modifications or areas that need drilling or filling. There is a generic 'Opel Blitz' decal sheet as shown in the earlier preview. There are two schemes provided, one in Panzer Grey and the other in Desert Yellow. Frankly, I don't know why they bother with the guide as the only decal shown on either one is a single license plate on the Panzer grey version as being with 1./NJG 1.


This is the sort of vehicle that should find favor with a lot of different modelers. Soft skin modelers will like having another truck to add to the collection, while aircraft modelers will find this to be just the thing for an airfield diorama as the type was very common indeed.

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