KIT: MAC 1/72 German 3t vehicle (1944)
KIT #: 72064
PRICE: $18.98 (16.96 at Squadron)
DECALS: options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes small etched fret


In 1929, General Motors acquired Opel AG, based in Germany and with it one of the most highly regarded plants in Europe. In the early 1930s, they developed a fast light truck and called it the Blitz. In 1935 they opened the most modern truck factory in the world at Brandenburg. Despite its light weight, the Blitz could carry a decent payload. Powered by a 6 cylinder Buick engine, it was initially rated at 2.6 and later 3.1 tons of payload.

This caught the eye of the German Army, especially as it had decent cross field performance and soon the Blitz became one of the mainstay trucks. It was built in both rear and 4 wheel drive versions with only small differences between them in terms of chassis and body.

The largest production run was achieved with the 3 ton Blitz S; a total of over 82,000 units produced from 1937 to 1944. It was a very popular truck thanks to the power of its 3.6 liter engine, ease of maintenance and reliability. One of the major pluses of the design was that its low weight provided lower ground pressure that enabled it to traverse difficult terrain without as much worry of being bogged down as with other times. The truck had a wide variety of cargo beds placed on it and was used for just about any purpose that you can use a truck.


Very nicely molded in a tan plastic, this kit is what you'd consider basic truck. It has a flat bed with shallow cargo sides and in this kit, there is no other material in the bed. No canvas top is provided. It is a curbside with no engine other than a representation of the oil pan and lower transmission. Just enough to have something for the exhaust pipe to attach to! The cab includes an instrument panel, steering wheel, and shift levers with the throttle and brake pedals molded to the floor. Clear acetate is provided for the windows. This truck has a wooden cab that appears to be unpainted on the inside. You will have to drill out the wheel attachment holes . Two styles of framework for the underside of the bed are given co you have your choice in this matter.

A small photo-etched fret is provided for bonnet cooling grilles, tied downs and some other small items. Instructions are well done with color information provided where needed in each of the 15 well-drawn construction steps. There are markings for four trucks, all from 1944/45. One is from 3.Panzer division in an overall Sand with red-brown patches. Next is a 1.Panzer division truck also in sand with white criss-crosses painted on it. Another is sand with olive green squiggles painted over it and the final is a 1./NJG.1 truck in overall panzer grey. The markings diagram denotes which of the two truck bed designs are used. Decals are well printed and should provide no problems with application.


MAC kits have gained a reputation for being very good replicas when the kit is finished. This truck is one of those items that can find a lot of use in dioramas of all sorts as well as being a neat model on its own. It doesn't appear to be so fussy a build that one will get bogged down in the details so should be suitable for all but the newest of model builder.

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