CMK 1/35 VW type 82E


T 35020




two vehicles


Scott Van Aken


Upgrade kit with resin stuff


I'll refer you to a full build reviewof the earlier kit for that information. A lazy man's way out, I know, but itsure beats repeating all that stuff.


This kit is exactly like theearlier boxing of the Type 82E, except that there is a bag of resin partsincluded. As you can see from the sprues, the kit is a curbside and comes with acomplete interior. This is basically a civilian car and so does not always havethe high clearance of the Kubelwagen. However, the kit provided the highclearance running gear. If you want the kit to appear more like the VW that youremember as a kid or have seen on the roads, you'll have to lower the chassis.It can be done, but I have not tried it.

The only option you have isregarding the wheels. You have those with hub caps and those without. An easychoice to make. The windows and other clear bits are bagged separately to keepthem from being scratched. A nice touch. The small decal sheet comes withmarkings for two cars. One for the Wehrmacht and the other for the Japaneseembassy. The two paint schemes are black for the embassy car and camouflaged (ason the box art) for the Army vehicle. A rather odd staff car, but one that wasused rather frequently.

The upgrade consists of theresin parts. What you get with this car is a new resin drivers door and sill.You also get new resin door and window handles and a figure holding the dooropen. To use the door, you must cut off the old one and replace it with theresin version. The handles on the interior need to be cut off to use the resinreplacements. The figure has separate arms, head, hands and feet to allow you topose him properly for your diorama. This upgrade deal is quite common with theCMK family of kits and really isn't a bad idea as it brings new life into olderkits. 


I can tell you that the kitbuilds into a nice model and the resin pieces can only enhance the kit.

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