Master Box 1/35 'Somewhere in Europe 1944'

KIT: Master Box 1/35 'Somewhere in Europe 1944'
KIT #: MB 3538
PRICE: $16.98
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


This particular kit is a combination of the earlier release of the cart by itself with four people figure and two horses. I've grown more and more impressed with Master Box kits as time has gone on. Their molding is really as good as anyone else's and that includes some of the big boys in the business. There is a tad more flash on a few of the smaller parts than I'd like to see, but this can be easily cleaned up. The cart is quite complete and in this case includes two human figures, an older man as the driver and his daughter as the passenger. Both are dressed for less than warm weather. There are two very nicely molded horses, complete with harness on the horses themselves. There are the main attachment straps that go to the draw bars, but no other tackle is included. This can be made from strips of paper as much as anything else and when painted, looks very convincing.

The other two figures are a pair of walking soldiers each with slung rifles and carrying various things. It is as if they had just gone to get provisions. Both are looking in the same direction as if checking out or talking to the young female passenger. The back of the box provides the instructions for building the horses and other figures as well as a color guide in several paint brands.


A very welcome addition to the figure collection and one that I'm sure will see its way into a diorama of sorts from many modelers.

July 2008

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