MasterBox 1/35 Farmer's Cart (Europe, WWII)
KIT: MasterBox 1/35 Farmer's Cart (Europe, WWII)
KIT #: MB3537
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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


Going to go without much of a historical section here as the history of the wheeled cart would be quite long. Needless to say, the four wheel hay or straw cart had changed very little since its original introduction way back when until post WWII. Biggest difference would be the inclusion of more metal in the more modern versions. These were designed to be drawn by horses or oxen, though it would not be out of context to have a mechanical tractor at the helm. However, few farmers could afford a tractor for their relatively small farms, but could afford draft horses (hic).

MasterBox's kit is on a single sprue and is actually a bit darker tan that what is shown in the scan. Ther parts are well molded, though you will note that there is flash, especially on some of the smaller bits (why is that?). There is little in the way of graining on the wooden parts (which is most of them), but I'm not sure if that is much of a problem. These things were often well used and slicked down after decades of service. The kit does supply the basic attachments to go to horses or oxen, but the critters are not part of this boxing. Though I've not spent a lot of time around horse drawn carts, it seems to me that these attachment bits, including the individual horse's draw bar, went along with the horses to the stable's tack room. This would leave the wagon pretty much as you see it on the box art.

Instructions are a single folded sheet that provides a parts layout and two construction steps. First is on the main body of the wagon itself and the second is al the other stuff that attaches to it. Painting guide is on the back of the box and in full color. No paint references are given, but it seems to me all you'd need are wood and steel (for the wheel 'treads' and various metal bits). I doubt if any aluminum was used and you may also want to add a touch of rust to a few metal parts. No hay or straw is included, but I'll bet the locat model railroading show can help out! 


This is one of those kits you never thought you'd want until it was made available. These were found all over Europe during the war and just after it. Even places not so developed far after the war ended were using them so they are pretty much ubiquitous.

May 2008

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