Superscale 48-781 for Me-262

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Scott Van Aken

This is the second Me-262 sheet from Superscale and all that applies to the previous sheet goes for this one as well. I've removed the common markings from the scan, but they are identical to what was on 48-780.

Again, there are four aircraft on this sheet. All of them are in various patterns of RLM 82/83/76. A look through the references given on the instruction sheet should be quite helpful in any detail differences between the types.

First is Yellow 7 of Heinz Arnold from II./JG 77. It has the nice red and blue RDV band that is often associated with this unit.

Red 5 from I./JG 7 is Theodor Weissenberger's mount. This one is a bit unusual in not having the fuselage band and in having an all white swastika on the tail.

From III./ISS 1 is yellow 5 with its blue and green tail band. There has been some discussion over the last few years as to not only whether these industry protection flights actually existed, but also as to the matching of ISS 1 to this particular tail band color. The jury is still out on this one, but it does make for an interesting scheme.

Finally, from JV-44 is General Adoph Galland's White 3. Though the unit is quite famous, its actual successes were very limited with few aircraft actually shot down.

As always, a really great sheet and one that you should consider when doing a fighter 262 in this scale.

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