Superscale 48-780 for Me-262

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Scott Van Aken

Now that Tamiya has released its 1/48 Me-262, it is not unusual to expect the various decal makers to come out with some new sheets.  Superscale has done just that with this, the first of two sheets on the aircraft. The instructions contain full stencil placement data, which is quite well done and helpful. There is also an upper camouflage pattern shown, but as with all Luftwaffe decal sheets, it is a good ideal to verify that with other sources prior to applying paint. It would also be a great idea to have a photo of the subject in question as the drawings are for decal placement only and may not distinguish between the differences between aircraft.

There are four subjects on this sheet. The first is for Walter Nowotny, the commander of Kommado Nowotny. White 8 was probably an early 262 with the the large lower rudder position light. It is in RLM 82/83/76 with the 'tadpole' tail camo.

Next is Red 13 of Heinz Bar, the leading jet ace of the war. His 262 is also in RLM 82/83/76 but in a different pattern from the one above.

From III./JG7 is Rudofl Sinner's 262, Red 3. this one has a very  pattern of RLM 81/82 over RLM 76. It also includes the RVD bands for JG 7.

Finally an aircraft from KG 76 in May of 1945. This one is also RLM 82/83 over 76, but in a more mottled scheme from the others. Though it is listed as a 262A-1a, it is more probably a 262A-2a.

Like all of the more recent Superscale sheets, it is well printed and offers references for you do some additional research.

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