Model Alliance MA729001: St. Athan BAe Hawks

Units: See review


9.00 for 1/48 and 7.50 for 1/72


Scott Van Aken


Here is another sheet taken directly from the pages of On Target #3: the BAe Hawk. Many in the US may not know that St. Athan is where a large number of aircraft get reworked and repainted. It is also where many of the RAF's Museum aircraft have been restored.

The station flight has at its disposal, a Hawk that is used for various purposes, including allowing desk bound pilots get some flight time. They have used basically the same aircraft for a number of years and have painted it in a very nice dragon motif. Back when the 'raspberry ripple' scheme was in vogue, it was a black dragon. Now that British trainers are being painted overall gloss black, the dragon has been made a bit bigger and is now in red.

Model Alliance's sheet covers both of these aircraft. The review sheet is in 1/72, but it is the same as what is provided in the 1/48 sheet. For kits, the 1/48 folks will all gravitate to the new Airfix Hawk. In 1/72 many will choose the Italeri kit though there are other choices from Fujimi, Airfix and Matchbox for the smaller scale crowd.

The sheet is superbly printed and appears to be properly thin. The instruction sheet gives excellent color and placement information and there is also a superb detail painting guide provided for those who want to be sure to do their Hawk right!

Review sample courtesy of Jon Freeman. This sheet can be found at and at quality hobby shops worldwide.

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