Eagle Strike  48-123: Bf-109s of the Balkans pt IV

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Scott Van Aken

All the comments I made in the review of the previous sheet (48-122) are germane to this one as well regarding aircraft identification and available kits. I should also point out that, most unusually, I got a sheet that was smeared (check out the insignia on the left side). I'll be contacting Eagle Strike about a replacement. It will be interesting to see how their customer service is in this regard. (Well it is superb. I received a replacement sheet within a week of my submitting a letter to them about it.)

First up is black 12 from 8/JG 52. The exact subtype is unknown but is either a -3 or -4. RLM 71/02/65 camouflage with yellow nose, rudder and wing tips as was the norm for Balkan aircraft. This one has a thin yellow fuselage stripe as well.

Next is another E-3/4 from  III./JG 77. This is the Technical Officer's plane as you can see from the black dot aft of the fuselage winkle. No yellow wingtips, and standard RLM 71/02/65 camo.

From 8./JG 77 is this E-3/4, black 5. It is also in RLM 71/02/65 and has no yellow wing tips. Interestingly, the yellow on the rudder appears to be flaking off.

Finally, a CO's Bf-109E-3 from an unidentified unit. It has his kill markings unpainted on the rudder. It also has a thin fusealge stripe, a stripe on the aft of the wings and very heavy mottling on the fuselage side. Camo is the same as the rest on this sheet; RLM 71/02/65.

Frankly, four very nice and bound to be colorful aircraft. Gentlemen and Ladies, grab your fave early 109s and start building!!

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