Eagle Strike 48-007: Me-262 pt 1

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Scott Van Aken


What we have here is a sheet for a LOT of Me-262s. But since the differences between them (decal-wise) is only the aircraft number and perhaps serial, it is easy to cram a lot of stuff onto one sheet. There are enough common markings to do two aircraft. These should work on the Monogram, Lindberg, Dragon/DML/Italeri/Revell and Tamiya kit just fine. In fact, it duplicates several of the Tamiya decal options. This is one of the first sheets done by Eagle Strike  in mid 2000 when the old owner of Aeromaster saw that his company was going on the skids and started Eagle Strike. The instructions are in grey scale and the sheet price is a very reasonable $6. That has since changed as they've gone to color and a higher price.


There are 11 different aircraft on this particular sheet. Frankly, I find the little color ovals to be useless. Fortunately, this info is in with the aircraft description.

First is an Me-262B from 1./KG 54 in RLM 81/82/76 with a nice white lightning bolt on the side.

Next is Green 3 with Kommando Nowotny. It is in RLM 74/75/76. The letter S on the aft fuselage indicates a trainer. Though the drawing shows an early rudder with the rear position light faired into the lower section, all of the planes show this so don't take it as gospel when building your kit. Do your research as decal sheet instructions are generally not reliable for this info.

White Y is from 1./KG 51. This RLM 81/82/76 plane is a scheme that duplicates the Tamiya kit.

Next is red B from 2./KG 51 in RLM 83 with RLM 82 squiggles over RLM 76

From EKDO.262 comes white 5 in RLM 74/75/76. The fuselage band is yellow and must be painted on.

Another EKDO.262 aircraft is white 2 also in RLM 74/75/76 with the yellow band.

A third EKDO.262 aircraft is white 3, similarly painted to the two above.

Black F is a Kommando Schenk aircraft in RLM 74/75/76. It has a red nose cap.

Black D is from the same unit and colored the same way as the above aircraft, but without the red nose.

White 4 is from Kommando Nowotny and is in RLM 81/82/76 with the hard 'tadpole' fin/rudder camo.

Finally is V303 from a test unit. This one is in RLM 81/82/76 and has the 'tadpole' markings. As with the KG 51 aircraft, it carries bomb racks.

Surely, you can find at least one scheme from this sheet to suit you!

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