Eagle Strike  24-005: Gustavs pt 2

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Scott Van Aken


Continuing with the 1/24 109 sheets, this one has three mid war G-6s, all in standard camo of RLM 74/75/76 with the ever popular varying degrees of mottling. I should mention that none of these have the cannon so you'll need to fill some holes in the kit when you are building it.

First off is Yellow 11 from 6./JG 52 in Russia during mid 1944. Standard Eastern front markings are carried which means yellow wing tips and fuselage band.

Next is Yellow 1 from 6./JG 53 in Italy during mid 1944. In addition to the white Med fuselage band, this one has a yellow lower cowling. Missing are the normal white wing tips, but it does have a nice spinner spiral.

The final plane on this sheet is another Yellow 1, this time from 9./JG 54 in Germany during 1944. This one has a blue Reich Defense band, yellow rudder and yellow lower cowling. Thanks to the way the Trumpeter kit is designed, painting the cowling and rudder will be a snap.

The insignia and data sheet are the same in all the 1/24 109 sheets so if you want to see the insignia/data sheet, please visit this review.

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