Eagle Strike  24-006: Gustavs pt 3

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Scott Van Aken


If you don't want to use the kit decals that come with Trumpeter's 1/24 Bf-109G-6 sheet, then you might like to consider this one. It contains three 109Gs in the standard RLM 74/75/76 scheme with varying degrees of mottling. As the instructions so sagely state, rarely will anyone build more than one of these planes, so common markings and insignia are limited to one aircraft and provided on a separate sheet.

First up is Gerog Amon's White 9. This 7./JG 53 plane operated in the Med during mid 1943 so has the white fuselage band and wing tips of planes from this area. It also has a yellow lower cowling and white quartered spinner.

Next is Black 10, a G-14/AS version. You'll need to do some kit bashing with the G-10 kit in order to do this one properly. It is with 14/JG 5 in Norway during mid 1945 and only has the Reich Defense band to add any color to it. The band is supplied on the sheet, but you may want to consider painting it on. Three different serials are supplied as existing photos of this plane are not very clear as to which is correct.

Finally, the ever popular Anton Hackl's plane from III/JG 11 during early 1944. It has yellow on the underside of the cowling and the fuselage band. The fin and rudder are painted white, making for a colorful plane.

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