Aeromaster 72-148: Me-410 pt 1

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken


Here's another plane that doesn't get a lot of press. Back a few years ago, ProModeler released an excellent Me-410 in 148. After the initial flurry of activity, the kit languishes on shelves. In 1/72 a similar phenomena occurred with Fine Molds and several very nice 410 kits. Again, after the initial excitement, rarely does one get built. There are other 410s around, but they are a bit elderly. One is from Lindberg, Frog/Revell have one as does Matchbox. None of them are particularly difficult to build and I've found the Fine Molds kit is by far the best of the lot. Late Entry:  I have been reminded by a reader that Italeri does one and he highly recommends it. I've not seen it so cannot comment.

This sheet duplicates many of the 1/48 schemes found on those larger scale sheets. However with the smaller size of the markings comes the ability to do more planes. Frankly, as with most German aircraft, they are little more than insignia and codes. The sheet looks a bit small as I've cropped off the lower section which is just insignia.

First aircraft is an Me-410B-2 from I./ZG 26 in 1944. It has the fighter camo of RLM 74/75/76 with mottling in upper camo colors and RLM 02. A yellow fuselage band must be painted on and adds some color to it.

Another similarly painted Me-410B-2 from Egr. Gr. KG 51 (Jagd) is next. It has a red and yellow fuselage band and yellow spinners.

An Me-410A-1 from I./KG 51 is in the bomber colors of RLM 70/71 (or maybe RLM81/82) over RLM 65. With the introduction of RLM 81/82 around the time that this plane was built, it is possible that the later war colors were used. If that was the case, it may also have had RLM 76 undersides as the introduction of those colors also spelt the demise of 65. Of course, manufacturers were encouraged to use up old stocks of paint before using the new colors.

This Me-410A-1 is in fighter colors of RLM 74/75/76 as was normal with aircraft attached to 8./ZG 26. The spinner has a red tip to it for some color.

Next is an Me-410B-1 from II./ZG 76. This has the fighter colors and a white fuselage band. The spinners have white spirals on them.

Finally, an Me-410B-1 of 14./KG 2. This is in RLM 74/75 uppers with black undersides. It also has flame dampening exhaust. Your editor built this plane in 1/48 and it makes a super model.

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