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Aeromaster 48-497 Blitzkrieg on Poland pt 2





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Scott Van Aken


All subjects are Bf-109s

This is the second sheet from Aeromaster based on Classic Publication's Jagdwaffe  series. For more info on the previous sheet and this series, see the earlier review of the first sheet.

Like the previous sheet, this one is on Bf-109s. Hardly surprising as that was what most of the fighter force of the Luftwaffe was flying! Now, on to the aircraft on the sheet.

The first one is a Bf-109D from 2/JGr 176 in August 1939 just before the war broke out. This is in the standard splinter pattern of RLM 70/71 upper and RLM 65 lower. What sets it apart is the large sharkmouth of this unit. It also has a yellow spinner. One of the more colorful aircraft on the sheet.

Next is an E-1 as are the next two aircraft on the sheet. This one is a bit more subdued from the rest. It is in the splinter pattern  similar to the 109D above and in the same colors. It is from 5./JG 77 and flown by Lt. Winfreid Schmidt in Dec 1939. This aircraft has a red spinner tip.

The next E-1 is in the newer scheme of RLM 71/02 with RLM 65 on the undersides and sides. It was flown by the Staffelkapitan of i./JG 26, Oblt. Franz Hornung in Dec 1939 and has a large grasshopper on the fuselage side.

The third E-1 of the group is my favorite on the sheet. Again in the splinter pattern of RLM 70/71 over RLM 65, this one is from 2./JGr 101 in August 1939. It has the running dog decoration on the cowling as well as yellow (or red) spinner tip and gun troughs.

Finally, the lone 109E-3. This one is from3./JG 51 during the winter of 39-40. Like the previous aircraft it has yellow spinner tip and gun troughs. This one is in a very simplified scheme of RLM 70 upper and RLM 65 lowers. What sets this particular aircraft apart from the rest is that it has very large white areas on the fuselage insignia and those for the upper and lower wings are grossly oversized. Apparently to prevent being shot down by nervous anti-aircraft gunners!

There are enough common markings on this sheet to do four of the aircraft depicted.

You might notice an addendum to the sheet in the form of two swastikas. It appears that they didn't make it onto the main sheet despite there being some clear squares of decal material to show where they are supposed to be!

Another super sheet that has me rummaging through my quarter scale 109 kits to see which one to build!

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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