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Aeromaster 48-496 Blitzkrieg on Poland pt 1





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Scott Van Aken


All aircraft are Bf-109s

This is the third in a series of decal sheet done in cooperation with Classic Publications and their Luftwaffe Colors: Jagdwaffe series. Aeromaster has been doing two sheets of five aircraft per sheet  for each book in the series. This one covers the early days of the war and the Sitzkrieg period prior to the invasion of the low countries in mid 1940.

All the aircraft on both sheets are Bf-109s. Aeromaster tries to pick what it thinks are the most interesting schemes for each decal sheet and has done a good job on this particular one.

The first aircraft is a Bf-109E-1 of 6(J)/Tragergruppe 186 in the standard splinter pattern of RLM 70/71 over RLM 65. Now this aircraft shows the witch riding a broom markings that I thought were from JG 77. Either someone's  reference is incorrect, or this aircraft came from JG 77 and did not have the previous markings removed. To do a model of an E-1, you will have to use the Hobbycraft kit as the Tamiya and Hasegawa 1/48 109Es are all the later variants with the wing mounted cannon. The E-1 didn't have this gun and so didn't have bulges on the lower wing for the gun magazine.

Next is an E-3 variant flown by the Technical Officer of I./JG 53, Hptm. Dr. Erich Mix. This one is in one of the very inventive schemes tried by JG 53 through their existence. It is  in RLM 71/RLM 02/ and a pale grey upper with RLM 65 lower. The upper wing view given in the sheet is unconfirmed, but quite plausible.

Another E-1 is shown next. It was flown by the Kommodore of JG 1, Carl Schumacher in late 1939. Camouflage is the then new RLM 71/02 upper with RLM 65 lowers and sides.

The non-E of the group is his 109D-1 flown by Lt. Hermann Reifferscheidt in March of 1939. This is in a simple RLM 70 upper with RLM 65 lower scheme. What sets it apart is the large white X on the fuselage and upper wings. These markings must have been used during an exercise of some sort.

Finally, we have red 14, another E-1. This is also in a simple scheme of RLM 70 over RLM 65. The unit is 2./JG3 from the winter of 39/40.

There are enough common markings on this sheet to do three of the aircraft depicted.

Having the books to go along with this sheet is a must, for nothing assists in doing a model like period photos. For a preview of the issue for this sheet, go here.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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