Jagdwaffe Vol 1 #3
Blitzkrieg and Sitzkrieg


 Mombeek, Smith, and Creek


Classic Publications


Scott Van Aken


# 3 in a long series


Classic Publications has started on a long-term project called the 'Luftwaffe Colors' series. Their initial books are on the Luftwaffe fighter force or the Jagdwaffe. This is the third of a long series of card-backed books and covers the period of time  from early 1939 until the end of that fateful year. 

As with the other two volumes, it is mostly a photographic essay on the aircraft and men of that time period. In addition to the copious photographs, are the superb color profiles by Eddie Creek. To me, this is what makes this series worthwhile. The profiles are all accompanied by photos of the aircraft being profiled.

Since I am really a camouflage and markings enthusiast, this series offers just what I want in a book like this: lots of camouflage schemes. Most of the aircraft in this issue are Bf-109D and E aircraft, because that is what was mostly in service during this time period.

I was particularly pleased to see some very interesting camo schemes that were applied to some of the early Bf-109E's. It was enough for me to head for the kit dungeon and dig around for a nice Hasegawa kit!

Hopefully, Aeromaster will continue the trend from the first two editions and produce two decal sheets from the illustrations in this issue.  There are in particular, a couple of unusually painted JG 53 Bf-109Es  and a 109D of JG 131 from the March 1939 period that I would very much like to see done in a decal sheet.

In addition to the photos and profiles, there are also illustrations of unit and personal insignia, again, with corroborating photographs accompanying the illustrations.

If you have any interest at all in the Luftwaffe of WW2, then these are books that you have to have in your library.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!! If any of you manufacturers or shop owners want to send products for review and building, please contact me.