Warbirds Productions A3214C:
1/32 Spitfire XIV Conversion Set



Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For 1/32 Hasegawa or new Revell Spit kits

This particular set is designed to be used in conjunction with the earlier reviewed Universal Wing and the Hasegawa or new Revell Spitfire. This set replaces many of the earlier pieces on these kits with new bits to make it a Mark XIVc. As you might guess, much of the kit's airframe will be shuttled to the recycle bin as this set replaces the fin, rudder, radiators, carb intake, elevators, guns, main wheels, tail wheel and the prop. It also replaces the entire nose.

The new Griffon engine nose is a major part of this conversion set, and it is just a superbly molded as the rest of the parts provided in the set. The detail work is outstanding and I found no air bubbles or defects of any kind on the parts provided. Even the casting blocks are minimal, which is a great help for getting these parts ready for use.

As I mentioned earlier, you will use the central airframe core from the Hasegawa or new Revell Spit as well as the interior, main gear struts/doors and other parts. The conversion set comes complete with a template to help you with cutting your kit and installing the resin conversion. I do need to mention that the suggested Hasegawa kit is the Mk V and so I don't think this set will work with the HF Mk VI that Hasegawa also does.

Because of the high quality of the parts, your conversion Spitfire should be a real beauty.

Review set courtesy of Dinosaur Studios, Inc. These and other fine resin conversion items can be ordered direct.

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