Warbirds Productions A3210:
1/32 Spitfire Universal 'C' Wings



Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For 1/32 Hasegawa or new Revell Spit kits

Warbirds Productions may not be a company that you have heard of. They are out of the UK and produce very high quality resin conversion parts. They have been imported to the US by Dinosaur Studios, Inc, and through them I'm able to show you a couple of their products. Warbirds concentrates on the Spitfire, basically the later Griffon Engined marks, and does these conversions in 1/32 scale. As such the cost is a bit higher than you would expect from smaller scaled items, but the workmanship is outstanding and well worth the price.

As with their other Spitfire products, it is designed for the Hasegawa 1/32 Spitfire V, and can be used with the new Revell Spit I/II. Don't try to use the older Revell Spitfire as that is NOT the kit you want to use for this. This produce is the Universal or 'C' wing. The wing is offered separately from the other sets and is suitable for the Mk V, IX, VII, VIII, XVI, XII, XIV and XVIII that use the C or E wing.

The set comes with templates to ensure that you properly prepare your kit for these wings and has several different plan diagrams to make sure that you know where to drill the appropriate holes for guns and other items.

Whether used in conjunction with other Warbirds sets or just to update your Hasegawa Spit, this is an excellent product.

Review set courtesy of Dinosaur Studios, Inc. These and other fine resin conversion items can be ordered direct.

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