JG 26, Vol 1


Krzysztof Janowicz






Scott Van Aken

Notes: In both English and Polish. Includes decal sheet

This is the second of the Luftwaffe unit histories offered by Kagero press and covers JG 26 'Schlageter', one of the more famous of the Luftwaffe's Fighter units. Famous probably due to Adolf Galland more than any other reason!

Like the previous JG 27 book, this one is 72 high quality pages in a card bound book of  approximately 9 by 6 inches. In it is the history of the early years of JG 26. Unlike several of the Jagdgeswader, this one was formed early in 1936 as JG 132 and finally became JG 26 in mid 1939 prior to the start of the war.

The book covers up until the start of 'Alder Tag' or Eagle Day during the Battle of Britain. As many of you know, during this period the Commanding Officer was Adoph Galland. Much to my relief, the book does not spend a lot of time on him and focuses more on the other members of the unit.

As with the previous book, there are a number of personal recollections as well as data taken from the unit's official history, though not in the sometimes excruciating detail that some books go into. If you want a totally in-depth day to day reckoning of  JG 26, then 'JG 26 War Diaries' is the book you need to seek.

This Kagero edition is much more to what could be termed the casual historian who is more interested in the feeling of the time and in doing some models of the aircraft involved. In that respect, Kagero has done a super job with this particular book. You get a good overall representation of what the unit was doing in terms of combat operations and the continual moving around that was required during the early days of the war.


I found the sections on homeland defense during 1939 and the subsequent actions in Belgium to be of a great deal of personal interest. I have read little about these aspects of the war. It seems most books deal with the major actions and generally gloss over areas that are less involved.

The included decal sheet covers seven of the ten aircraft shown in profile. As with the previous book, the decals are by Techmod. They are thin and well printed. Again the decals are in both 1/72 and 1/48 and offer only the unique markings of each subject. Most of them are, from what I can gather, unique to this sheet. The profiles are superbly done by the very talented Arkadiusz Wrobel, and include a large two page profile in the center section of the book.

Overall, if you like 109s and have an interest in Luftwaffe units, then this is a book for you. Having the decal sheet included makes it that much more desirable.

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