JG 27, Vol 1


Marek J Murawski






Scott Van Aken

Notes: In both English and Polish. Includes decal sheet

There is nothing that a tried and true Luftwaffe modeler likes more than reading a good book about his favorite subject. That is even more enhanced when that book includes decals to model several of the aircraft shown in the book.

JG 27 vol 1 is the start of a new series of books from Kagero of Poland and available at Air Connection. Measuring approximately 9 by 6 inches, this 72 page book is printed on high quality paper and is a very well done history of JG 27 in its early years. In addition to statistics of aircraft destroyed and battles with the enemy, there are a number of first person accounts to add some spice to it. While not a day by day description of events, all of the highpoints are covered. Many do not realize the Adolf Galland was, at one time, a member of JG 27. The story told of one of his escapades shows his propensity to go things alone. I'm sure that if he'd had a wingman during that time, he'd have gone off and left him as he did so many others!

Adding to the flavor of the book are a number of photographs of the units pilots, planes and locales. Photographs have been chosen for clarity, though there are a few that are less than pristine, but included for historical significance. Overall the writing is very well done and this isn't a book that you'll have to wade through. Though obviously not written by one whose primary language is English, the syntax is not too bad and I found it to be no barrier to enjoying the book. One has to realize that these things will happen in foreign books and take them in stride. Things like calling squadrons 'wings', or referring to aircraft being 'shut down' vice shot down are as odd as things get.

The book has full color profiles on the covers and in a two page 'centerfold'. These are superbly done by Arkadiusz Wrobel and really add to the character of the book. The center profile includes a spread of RLM colors and gives an FS 595 equivalent. This is in the unlikely chance that you can't find RLM 75 and have to settle for FS 36231 instead!

There are eight profiles and included in a little pocket inside the front cover is a Techmod decal sheet with the unique markings for all eight profiles. What's even better, there are markings for both 1/72 and 1/48 scales. Personally, I think this is just a superb idea and one that I'd be very pleased to see catch on with other publishers.

The decals themselves appear to be very well printed and if they are of the quality of other Techmod decals will be very thin. As you can see, it is intended for you to use the common markings from the kit you are using, though it does provide an extra set of swastikas and some other common markings.

Overall, I am quite impressed with this offering. The book was interesting to read, had a number of photographs that I had not seen before, and offers the bonus to modelers of the decal sheet. It is just the kind of book that gets one motivated to wanting to build a model based on the subject and with the included decals, it is very easy to do so! I very much look forward to reading the other subjects in the series.

Review copy courtesy of Air Connection. They have a full selection of Polish and other Eastern European products, including this book. When you shop there, say Modeling Madness sent you! Thanks for your support.

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