Special Hobby 1/72 P-36 'Pearl Harbor'




$18 Aussie Dollars


two options


Scott Van Aken


Short run with resin, etched metal and vac bits



The P-36, along with the Seversky P-35, where chosen in a 1936 competition for a replacement for the P-26. In actuality, the P-35 won the competition, but more by default as the P-36 was plagued with engine problems. Fortunately, the Army saw that the P-36 was the better airframe and so it was that both companies were given production contracts. Total P-36s for the USAAC were 180 P-36A and 40 P-36C aircraft. The only action that USAAC P-36s saw was during the Pearl Harbor attack when Hawaiian based aircraft managed to shoot down 5 Japanese aircraft for the loss of only one in the air. However, on the ground it was another story and of the 39 P-36s based there, only 16 survived in a usable condition. The type was they relegated to training duties and replaced by the P-40 and other aircraft.


This isn't exactly a new kit. It has already been released by Azur and by MPM itself. What you are getting that is new is a decal sheet. As you can see from the sprues, they have seen some use and do have flash to contend with. The detailing is also a bit too fine in that it will easily be sanded off. Though two cowlings are provided, only one engine is included so you can't do the Cyclone powered aircraft unless you come up with another engine. My good friend Drew Nix built the Azur kit several years ago and it does make into a very nice Hawk, though the cowling looks a bit too 'open' for my tastes. Perhaps the additional sprue will take care of this.

Resin is provided for the cockpit, wheels and exhaust. Two clear canopies are provided in case you mess one up. The etched fret includes an instrument panel, cowl flaps, and some additional interior bits (including a control column (!)). The usual acetate sheet for instruments is included. Instructions are nicely done showing any modifications needed to the kit. Also included are color references in both generic names and Humbrol numbers. Both of these planes are P-36As so are devoid of the usual guns sticking out of the leading edges of the wings. Markings are provided for a bare metal aircraft as shown on the box art from the 46 PS/15 PG flown by 2/Lt Phillip Rasmussen who got one victory. The other is an OD over Neutral grey aircraft from the 47 PS/15 PG and flown by 2/Lt Harry Brown who achieved two victories on 7 Dec. It would be interesting to know if these guys were able to add to that score later in the war. Decals are very well done and properly thin, as one expects from a Czech model maker!


There are not a lot of 1/72 P-36s around. The very old Revell and Monogram kits were basically it until these appeared. This kit definitely has more detail, though won't be as easy to build as the older R and M kits.

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