Johnny Canuck Images 1/35 Posters




Scott Van Aken


These sets are for British Posters

Johnny Canuck sets 35003 and 35004 cover British posters from WWII. Like the previous sets, they are superbly printed on high quality paper and show excellent detail. There are a wide variety of images for both the RAF (set 35003 on the left) or for the British Army (set 34004 on the right). Either set will add that touch of additional authenticity to your next diorama on the subject.

You can get these at your favorite hobby shop (such as CRM Hobbies in the US or Northstar Hobbies in Canada). You can also write to them at Johnny Canuck Images, 172 Fellowes Crescent, Waterdown, ONT, L0R 2H3 Canada.

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