Johnny Canuck Images 1/35 Posters




Scott Van Aken


These sets for Canadian Air Force and Army

Now here is something you don't see every day; high quality 1/35 WWII slogan posters.  Unlike others I've seen, these are superbly printed on high quality, photo standard paper, ready to be added to your next diorama. Each set comes with well over a dozen different posters, all in full color and covering an array of subjects. These first two sets cover the Royal Canadian Air Force and Army.

Set 35001 is for the Army and comes with them in both French and English. A similar format is with 35002 that is dedicated to the RCAF. I did spot a poster with an actor from a very famous movie done in color during the war about the BCTP called 'Captains of the Clouds'. See if you can spot it. There is also a poster with a very familiar face on it from the Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Looks like Fearless Leader to me!

The images are purposefully a bit fuzzy to prevent copying. They are actually sharp and clear.

You can get these at your favorite hobby shop (such as CRM Hobbies in the US or Northstar Hobbies in Canada). You can also write to them at Johnny Canuck Images, 172 Fellowes Crescent, Waterdown, ONT, L0R 2H3 Canada.

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