ProModeler 1/48 Me-410B-1






3 ZG 26 aircraft


Bob Laskodi


See Scott Van Akenís review for a discussion of the aircraft's history and the kit.


This was a straight out-of-the-box build (OOB) of the ProModeler Me410B-1. I did not do any modifications (such as the supercharger intakes) since I felt that they did not greatly improve the looks of the model. This is mainly a photo gallery-type entry to show a more common paint scheme and how the model looks OOB with the stock decals provided.


Three decal variants are provided with the kit and I chose to do the aircraft flown by Major Eduard Tratt, Gruppe Kommandeur of II/ZG26, the leading Me410 ace with 38 kills. The decals are provided by Scalemaster, and while they represent the usual Scalemaster quality, they are slightly out-of-register. The model is done in the standard RLM 74/75/76 camouflage, with a mottled overspray of the fuselage sides of RLM 02/74/75. All paints were Floquil Military Colors (enamel). Of interest, the paint scheme provided in the instruction sheet is fairly accurate with regards to this specific aircraft. However some errors are noted in that the upper fuselage and engines were painted in the standard splinter scheme (vice a solid color as indicated in the instructions) and the fuselage side mottling is much more heavy than indicated in the instructions. I used a different wash technique for the panel lines and detail using artist quality watercolors, which worked out quite well. I mixed Cotman (Winsor & Newton) tube watercolors in Lamp Black and Burnt Umber with Polly S Airbrush Thinner (acrylic). This mixture flowed quite well (but not quite as good as oil based washes) without the noxious fumes. Clean up and correction is easy; just use a water dampened cotton swab or cloth. This is much more environmentally friendly than the hydrocarbon based oil washes and I am in the process of converting over to acrylic and water based paints. I used ground up pastels randomly applied with a soft brush to simulate further weathering. The model was finished in a light airbrushed coat of Future, Tamiya Flat Base (X21), and rubbing alcohol mixed in equal amounts.


This is an excellent model of an important WW II aircraft. Overall the quality and accuracy are good, the only exception is the supercharger intakes which are circular vice oval and the slightly out of register decals. As you can see in the photos, this inaccuracy is not that noticeable. My only complaint is the way the canopy is built by joining two sections (which was necessary to fit over the rear gun sights) which creates some fit problems and a join line that is visible. The level of detail engraved in the kit is incredible, and no after-market sets are really needed for a beautiful build. I highly recommend this kit for all levels of builders including beginners and I enjoyed the building of this model.

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