Trumpeter 1/72 F-106B Delta Dart
KIT #: 01683
PRICE: $32.00 delivered
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2018 tooling


The Convair F-106 Delta Dart was the primary all-weather interceptor aircraft of the United States Air Force from the 1960s through to the 1980s. Designed as the so-called "Ultimate Interceptor", it proved to be the last specialist interceptor in U.S. Air Force service to date. It was gradually retired during the 1980s, with the QF-106 drone conversions of the aircraft being used until 1998 under the Pacer Six program.


One thing about Trumpeter/Hobby Boss is that they have excellent external detailing and this one is no exception with all the features modern modelers expect. The cockpit is fairly well done with decals for panels if you want to use them. The seats are a bit Spartan, but acceptable.

As usual, the nose gear well is built up of several flat panels and the nose gear needs to be installed at this point or you won't get it in place. With the exhaust section built up, that along with the cockpit and nose gear well are installed in the fuselage halves.

The instructions then have you attach mirrors and such to the canopy and install the clear bits. I'd wait until after painting if you want the canopy open. Then intakes and refuelling receptacle are installed along with the nose cone. After installing the main gear well the wing is assembled and attached.

Now comes most of the fiddly bits. These are for the main gear assembly as well as the things that fit into the missile bay. If you are properly lazy, you can skip the missile bay part and used the 'closed' bay piece. If not, then you have the rails, a Genie and four Falcons to assemble and install. Last steps are the gear doors and the wing tanks. The 106 carried wing tanks all the time so you really cannot leave these off.

Instructions are the standard landscape format that Trumpeter uses with nicely done drawings. There is a separate camo/markings sheet that provides a number of paint options. All three options are overall ADC Grey (FS 16473). I wouldn't use the IJN grey that is on the paint chart. Nose and the sweeping anti-glare panel are in black and will need to be painted. Options are 119 FIS New Jersey ANG 194 FIS, California ANG, and 27 FIS though this unit is not identified. Decals are nicely done and there are aftermarket options should you so choose.


It is nice that Trumpeter has decided to do a two seat F-106. It also allows them to use most of the tooling from their A model. Those who prefer a larger scale can go with the 1/48 kits, but for me, this is just fine.

February 2023

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