Monogram 1/48 F-4C Phantom II

Kit Number: 5800


Decals: Two Vietnam-era schemes

Overall: see review

Comments: This particular kit was Monogram's first foray into large scale aircraft. I am not sure of the mold data, but I would not be surprised to find it of mid to late 60's vintage. I cannot think of a single modeler I know that has not built one of these and I know I have built several of them over the years.

Its most recent issue was in the `hi-tech' mode with a few bits of brass photo etch, and the Mig Killer F-4J is still available as of this writing. This kit must have one of the longest continuous runs of any kit on the market. Does it have problems? Sure, the intake fit is not good, the horizontal stab sticks out too far, the interior is only for the Air Force C version regardless of what it says on the box and the weapons are a bit of a pain thanks to all the ejector marks. Its saving graces are that it is relatively accurate and it is relatively inexpensive. It was even downsized to do the 1/72 kits where it retained several of its problems, but at least the Navy version had a quasi-Navy interior.

I built mine as an F-4C of the 196 TFS, California ANG. I have a great photo of an aircraft on a Superscale decal sheet, with wrap around SEA camouflage and drop tanks that have light grey on the lower part of the tank caps fore and aft. It is a kit that will always be on display even when others are packed away because I really like F-4s. There is another on the workbench right now that will be a D version and I have a dozen in storage (well, not any more - Ed 2010). F-4 kits will come and go, but the Monogram one always satisfies and for a lot less then $35.00 (Lets make that $55. Inflation. Ed 2010)! Go build one!

February 1996

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