Revell 1/48 F-14D Tomcat

KIT #: 4729
PRICE: $21.95
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Basically a Monogram F-14A with new sprues


fdsafdsaThe final variant of the F-14 was the F-14D Super Tomcat, first delivered in 1991. As with the F-14B, the F-14D was equipped with the F110-GE-400 engines. It also included newer digital avionics systems including a glass cockpit and replaced the AWG-9 with the newer AN/APG-71 radar. Other systems included the Airborne Self Protection Jammer (ASPJ), Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS), SJU-17(V) Naval Aircrew Common Ejection Seats (NACES), and Infrared search and track (IRST). A total of 37 new aircraft were completed, and 18 F-14A models were upgraded to D-models, designated F-14D(R) for a rebuild. Starting in 2005, some F-14Ds received the ROVER III upgrade. The type was retired along with the rest of the Tomcat fleet in 2006. Bit of a shame as the B and D models were what the F-14 was supposed to be from the start.


This is basically the Monogram F-14A with additional sprues for the  F-14D features. The upper and lower fuselage halves are dated 1993, and contain new instrument panels. An additional sprue is provided for the afterburner petals, gun door panels, and the undernose sensor that was unique to the D model.

A single cockpit tub is provided along with four piece seats which lack belts and seem to be the wrong type. You are also provided with just a pilot figure, which seems an odd omission. Intakes are then attached to the lower fuselage section. This has been, historically, one of the worst fitting parts of the F-14A kit. The wings interlock with each other so you can pose them extended or swept back. If you want to show the ladder extended, you'll need to do some cutting prior to gluing the upper and lower fuselage sections.

A nice touch is that the landing gear and gear doors can be installed after painting. Unlike some other kits of this aircraft, you are only provided the standard nose gear, not one in the lowered or launch position. A full suite of Sidewinders, Sparrows and Phoenic missiles are provided. Finally, the canopy can be posed open or closed.

Instructions are well done with generic color information. Two options are provided both in the two greys Tactical Paint Scheme. One is VF-124 and the other is VF-31. Decals are nicely printed and while a tad thick, work very well.


There are a myriad of F-14D kits in this scale, most of them fairly pricey. This one is not only the least expensive, but also probably the least fiddly and builds up well. When I built mine back in 1995, I had no major issues. Well worth picking up and building, especially if on a budget. Photo included.


December 2022

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