Hasegawa 1/72 Fuji T-3

KIT #: 51805 (QP3)
PRICE: 1000 yen when new@$65.00
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 1992 boxing


The Fuji T-3 is a primary military trainer aircraft used by the Japan Air Self Defense Force, manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries. Its first flight was in 1978. In the course of its service life, 50 units were produced. It is being replaced by the Fuji T-7. The airframe is nearly identical to the standard T-34 Mentor. The difference is that with the Fuji built aircraft, the engine was replaced by one with greater power that is also supercharged. This necessitated the use of a three bladed prop.


Those who think they will be able to do a standard T-34 with this kit will be disappointed as the nose section is different and the original is not included. Aside from the new fuselage halves and bits unique to this version, it is the same as the earlier T-34.

There is a flat cockpit floor onto which the seats and controls are attached. There is no sidewall detail. Into one fuselage half is installed the instrument panels, rear bulkhead and the inside anti-glare panel for the rear seat. Decals are used for instruments. This aircraft will need a LOT of nose weight for its size and finding space for it will not be easy. I'd build up the model before attaching the front of the cowling and prop. Wings are a single lower piece with the upper halves added. These upper halves include the control surfaces, wing tips, and wheel well detailing.

The instructions have you install the main gear before the wings are joined. This is because the retraction strut will be difficult to install later. Not impossible, just difficult. Gear doors for the main gear need to be cut as the inner section will be closed. Nose gear leg an wheel are one piece for sturdiness. There is a single piece canopy provided. Also in clear is a tail prop that you build by cutting a portion of the clear sprue.

Instructions are a single folded sheet with Gunze paint references. Three markings options are provided. One is the box art in the most recent scheme of gloss white with large red areas and da-glo flight surface tips. I'd recommend painting the da-glo and cutting those bits from the decals. You could probably paint the red parts too, but the masking would be pretty extensive. This aircraft is from the 11th FTW. Another is with the 12th FTW and a third with the test wing. The decal sheet is old school and nicely printed. You are provided extra numbers so you can duplicate any of the T-3s in the fleet.


This is a kit one rarely sees completed. Probably due to the nature of the beast and it inability to do a standard Mentor from the box, it is often found at a pretty good discount.



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