Revell 1/48 F-15A Eagle

KIT #: 4564
PRICE: $3.00 'used'
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 1987 release


The F-15 was an aircraft that was designed based on the experiences in Vietnam. It was learned from that conflict that an air superiority fighter had to rely more on just missiles to complete its mission. It had to have a gun. It also had to be maneuverable as many of the opposition aircraft that the F-4 had to deal with were often able to avoid attack by simply out-turning the Phantom. Finally, it needed to be fast.

What came from those requirements was a large, twin engine jet that met all the needs. It was fast, maneuverable, had a gun, and had missiles for short and medium ranges. Though it has never really had to fight against an equal opponent, it has proved to be quite successful in air to air combat. Developed into a strike aircraft, the type is still in production today, some 40+ years after the first flight.


This is not the Monogram kit. Back when Revell and Monogram were separate companies, each produced their own F-15A. This is a kit from the raised panel line era, which often turns some modelers against the kit. There is a cockpit tub that uses declas for the side consoles. A single piece bang seat is provided. Rudder pedals and control column finish things up. The instrument panel is clear plastic and the decals for this fits on the back of the piece. This fits atop the nose gear well. The nose gear assembly is then installed and this is attached to the right forward fuselage section. One then installs the section behind the cockpit and closes the fuselage halves.

The rear fuselage is split horizontally The intake ramps are installed and the halves joined. This is followed by the exhaust after which the main gear is assembled and installed. Note that the large gear doors on the main and nose gear are normally closed, hence Revell molds them as such. Next the tail hook is installed. This can either be raised or lowered and separate pieces are provided for that. Tailplanes and wings are next.  One needs to open the slots for the wing pylons if they are to be used. Weapons included are four Sidewinders and four Sparrows.

Instructions are well done with color information provided for one plane. This is the box art plane with the 53rd Fighter Squadron which has tiger stripes on the outside of the fins. Decals are nicely printed, but are beyond their 'use by' date.


This is not the best F-15 done and really, belongs at the end of the line. The Monogram kit of the same time period is superior in just about every way. Not that it isn't worth building if you have it, just don't expect a lot from it. As a note, the current Revell boxing of the F-15A/C is the Monogram kit.

May 2021

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