DML 1/144 F-18A with Carrier Deck Section






 For VFA-151


Scott Van Aken




DML has created quite a niche for itself with its superbly detailed 1/144 military aircraft kits. While most people don't usually think this is a cool scale for this subject, someone does as DML, Minicraft, and Academy have recently been cranking them out with much success. I suspect that these are mostly being built by younger modelers, and are thought of as 'toys' by many 'serious' modelers.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. These kits are very well detailed, and though the panel lines are a bit thick and the cockpits barely detailed, the overall kits make into super representations of the prototype. A benefit of this scale is a huge number of kits in a small display space. The biggest negative aspect of them are almost no aftermarket decals and other parts for them like are available for airliners and kits in larger scales.

As you can see from the scan of the contents, you not only get a fine kit, but a super display section as well as a tow tractor, tow bar and several figures to add to it. Now I have not built this particular kit, but the few others I have done made into very fine models. At such a reasonable price, if you have the inclination, I would highly recommend picking several of them up and giving them a try.